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Dr. Tom Muldary has been in
private practice for over 25 years,
providing psychotherapy services
to adults and adolescents, and
specializing in forensic psychological
evaluations in civil and criminal matters. 
He is also the consulting psychologist for
various police departments and frequently
consults with law firms and prosecuting
attorneys regarding examination of expert
witnesses and work products. 

Tom began his college teaching
career with Jackson (Michigan) Community
College at the State Prison of Southern
Michigan and continued with faculty
positions at Siena Heights University,
National University, and the University of
California San Diego.  For 21 years he was
a Visiting Lecturer in the Psychology
Department at Eastern Michigan University,
where he taught graduate courses in
psychological testing, personality
assessment, and forensic psychology,
and undergraduate courses in abnormal
psychology and psychotherapy. 

Tom is the author of Burnout and
Health Professionals: Manifestations and
and the award-winning textbook
Interpersonal Relations for Health
Professionals: A Social Skills Approach
which has been used at colleges and
universities throughout the country.  As an
adoptee familiar with search and reunion
issues, his current writing project – inspired
by personal experience – is a book on adoption
search and reunion in adulthood.


            Dr. Pat Muldary earned a bachelor’s
degree in child development and taught young
children in the Springfield, MA public schools
before attending graduate school in California,
where she earned a master’s degree in child
and family clinical services and a doctorate
in clinical psychology.  After working as a family
therapist in Bixby Medical Center’s (now
Promedica) substance abuse treatment program,
she entered private practice and has specialized
in psychotherapy with children, adolescents,
adults, and families.  Over the years her areas
of interest have included cognitive/behavioral
therapy for attention deficit disorders, disruptive
behavior disorders, parent-child relationship
problems, and anxiety disorders in children
and adults.

            Pat’s interest in the post-divorce
adjustment of children led her to gain additional
specialized training in the emerging field of
parenting coordination and family mediation. 
With the interest and support of judges and
attorneys who seek more effective ways to
intervene in chronic post-divorce conflicts and
re-litigation, Pat recently initiated a two-year
pilot program for parenting coordination in local




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